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This is a place for you to get back to where you belong.


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This is truly a place where you belong. Through the use of fellowship opportunities and small group gatherings, you will meet people, get to know them a little at a time, and they will get to know you. Friends will quickly be made and this will become a place where everybody knows your name.

However, we do not exist for ourselves.

We exist for the sake of, and for the glory of, a wonderful, loving God. A God who sent His Son to us — He died for you because He loved you that much. That is why we love each other — because God first loved us.

Want to know more about all this stuff?

Want a ‘family’ who is willing to love you because you are a God-created human being?

Come, talk to the Pastor, a member of this gathering, or experience our worship time — we give God the glory!

We are a Bible-believing group of people who care about one another and about the world God has created.

You are a part of God's creation. Our communities are a part of God's creations. So we count it a privilege to serve you and to serve in our communities.

God is at the center of our worship and at the center of our lives. We believe God ordained His Word inerrantly as a way to guide us and reveal Himself to us. So, we spend time learning and digging in His Word.

Not getting enough of God's Word where you worship?
Do you enter and leave a worship service wondering if anyone even noticed you?
Give Pleasant Valley a try - go ahead - I challenge you!

Our Location

Reformed Church in America

We belong to the Reformed Church in America.

This is the oldest, continuous protestant denomination in the United States. The first congregation & church building still exist in New York, originally called New Amsterdam. It was build around 1628. You can learn more about the RCA by going to or clicking on the logo.

The RCA maintains a large group of missionaries and involves itself in natural disasters all around the globe. We involve ourselves in Church World Missions, Words of Hope.

Pleasant Valley Church, Holland, IA

Pleasant Valley Church

You may enjoy it here more than you expect.

Christ first, the Bible as God's inerrant Word & work, our future is both temporal & eternal. Hell on earth? Wait 'til you get to the "eternal" part!