Consistory Agenda for November 12

  • Date Friday, 31 July 2015
I know this is in kind of a rough form; I beg your pardon. Wanted to get the items posted.

Transfer request of Keevan Buege to Coralville

Medical Insurance


Christmas Eve

Christmas Benevolence (Christmas in Grundy)

Sabbatical introduction

Metal roof – ?lack of radio & cell phone signal in house?

Consistory Agenda for October 8

  • Date Thursday, 08 October 2015
  • Time 6:30 PM


  • 1) Installation of new Board members
    October 11th during worship
  • 2) Property Insurance
    Pay cycle (qtrly)
    Refund from Church Mutual
  • 3) Reaffirmation of Bob & Shyrell
    past-member paperwork lost
  • 4) Review Congregational Meeting
    Start time decision – 01NO15 to 13MR16 (06NO16 to 12MR17)
    Calendar of future dates posted in office
  • 5) Review Parsonage HVAC Status
  • 6) Review Picnic October 11
    Meat-Vernon; Drinks-Bev; Buns-Ross
    Worship seasonal start time delayed to 10AM
  • 7) Review TV Antenna
  • 8) Articles of Incorporation
    Classis review & Gen Counsel review
    Rev'n to include Formulary 15 language

Consistory Meeting September 10, 2015

  • Date Thursday, 10 September 2015
  • Time 6:30 PM


  • 1) Elder Delegate to classis
    Sept 15 – Buffalo Center
  • 2) Property Insurance
    Pay cycle (qtrly)
    Status of File Claim
    Clergy Property
  • 3) Grant from Classis
    Has it been received?
  • 4) Roof Review
    Final cost mat’l: $12K
    Installation: $4750
    Antenna tower complete
  • 5) HVAC Status
  • 6) Congregational Meeting Agenda
    Review & Approve
    Worship seasonal start time decision
  • 7) Next Consistory Mtg
    October 08
    Present & Future Leaders
    Installation: Oct 11

Consistory Meeting August 13

  • Date Thursday, 13 August 2015
  • Time 6:30 PM
Here are the agenda items for this meeting:

1) Elder Delegate to classis >> continuing to seek Sept 15 – Buffalo Center

2) Property Insurance >> pay qrtr, leave policy details w/o change

Decide pay cycle (qtrly)
Review choices

3) Approval of Slate >> Paul & Dale - Elders; Sean - Deacon Consistory elections

4) Roof Review >> parsonage roof almost complete - ~$18K expected expenditure

Church bldg roof check?
Parsonage roof
Antenna provisions

5) Elevator Maintenance >> waiting on inspection, no State Insp to date
Annual Inspection for State

6) HVAC Estimates >> reviewed and chose lowest bid - Hudson Hardware

7) Congregational Meeting Agenda

Budget reports
Worship seasonal start time decision

8) Budget Preparations >> Treasurer present to review

Consistory Meeting July 9

  • Date Thursday, 09 July 2015
  • Time 6:30 PM
Angenda Items so far:

  • 1) Property Insurance – guest presentation
  • 2) All-Church Picnic details
  • 3) Retreat date
  • 4) Elevator Maintenance Annual Inspection for State
  • 5) Nominations
  • 6) HVAC Estimates
  • 7) Parsonage Roof
  • 8) Congregational Meeting Agenda
  • 9) Budget Preparations
  • 10) Phone Service & Costs Landline options? $49/$35/$18 –CenturyLink

May Agenda

  • Date Saturday, 16 May 2015
  • Time 10:00 AM

This is what I have so far, let me know of other items:


Lawn Care Bid Review
PP Classis Grant Details
Roof of Parsonage
Website Improvements
Custodial Responsibilities
Parsonage Issues
Shower Valve
Roof/Shingle repair
Electrical box water intrusion
finished partially (thanks to Travis)
A/C Central system non-functional

April Agenda

  • Date Sunday, 26 April 2015
  • Time 1:00 PM
Morning Personal Prayer
Consistory will continue to be available
Portable PA system
not in budget right now
Lawn Care contract
bids will be gathered Summer 2015
Website Improvements
MSC to re-design & improve $600, Re-design, Security Issues
Worship Start Time Request
will put on Congregation Mtg agenda for vote
Facidtty Maintenance/Projects
bids were reviewed
Ken LeHew leading May meeting
Pastor Rick’s Mayo Clinic app’t
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