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Blood & Spirit

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Blood & Spirit

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We have worked our way into the Heidelberg Catchism, observing the Lord's Days divisions up until now. We began to study the Sacrament of Baptism last week and didn't get very far, but it was worth it. The message was a bit more interactive and I pray many learned through it. Anyway, we are going to pick up the study of Baptism finishing the Lord's Day #26 and beginning LD#27.
We will face questions like:
"What does it mean to be washed with Christ's blood and Spirit?"
"Where does Christ promise that we are washed with his blood and Spirit as surely as we are washed with the water of baptism?"
and perhaps,
"Does this outward washing with water itself wash away sins?"

The theology in all this is so cool and likely many churchgoers are certain about it. This a great opportunity to check it out.

Additional Info

  • Scripture: Several w/in LD26 & 27
  • Date: Sunday, 04 August 2019
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