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  • Scripture Matt 26:14-25
  • Date Sunday, 22 February 2015

We are beginning a Lent Series focusing on Matthew 26. Verses 14 - 75 contain distinct points or characters and we'll be pulling one out each week and examining it. We'll begin with the Betrayer found in 14-25, then the Sharer, the Liar, Sleeper, Defender, Testifier, and finally, Winner.

So, for Feb 22nd, the first Sunday in Lent, our focus of study will be Matt 26:14-25.

We'll consider the Betrayer, look at why Judas might have done what he did (no, it wasn't about the money!), and perhaps how betrayal still continues today. Don't criticize Judas too strongly without examining our own betrayal that happens all too often.

  • Scripture Psalm 148
  • Date Sunday, 08 February 2015

Since we were forced to cancel the Gathering last Sunday due to the snow storm, we'll continue this Sunday (Feb 8th) on the same theme. Missed our time together!

We continue the focus on examining praise and learning what God expects and how we are to praise God -- especially in Christ's Church. We consider the Israelites -- when God did something amazing, they made a lot of noise. Is that what God wants - a lot of noise? It would appear from what we learned so far in Scripture that the answer is not an easy one. Yes and No might cover it.

So, today we continue by examining Ps 148 and some really unique things will be learned from this Psalm. What does it teach us about "praise"? We'll also begin to look at the Hebrew language and try to understand what praise is to be. See you Sunday!

  • Scripture Various Scripture
  • Date Sunday, 25 January 2015

We continue in our study of Praising God, especially in the context of the church. We'll consider praise by the Israelites, whether it is necessary to praise God, the chaotic nature of noise-making (such as what the Israelites often did or what happened at Pentecost), and finally, what boundaries scripture attaches to praise. So, we continue with the question: what does praise of God look like and do we have to make a choice betweeen chaos & control?

We'll be exploring various scripture texts as we continue our walk through scripture to discover what God says about giving Him the Glory! Praise God!

  • Scripture Chronicles 20:18-28
  • Date Sunday, 18 January 2015

For a few weeks, we will be exploring God-centered excitement.

What does it look like to become excited about God? How do we show our thrill? Does God even do things anymore worth getting excited about ... or are such events as cited here in Chronicles things of the past?

If we are excited & God is active, then should we -- like the people in this story -- praise God loudly? Should we be telling others about what God is doing or should we keep it to ourselves. Maybe God isn't doing that much ... maybe God is doing more in my life than in your life ... I don't what to make someone else feel bad.

So, how does God work? Should He get the glory for what He does or maybe His satisfaction is just in the "doing" and not in receiving praise. What do you think? Explore this with us.

Jesus said to him, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

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