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  • Scripture Chronicles 20:18-28
  • Date Sunday, 18 January 2015

For a few weeks, we will be exploring God-centered excitement.

What does it look like to become excited about God? How do we show our thrill? Does God even do things anymore worth getting excited about ... or are such events as cited here in Chronicles things of the past?

If we are excited & God is active, then should we -- like the people in this story -- praise God loudly? Should we be telling others about what God is doing or should we keep it to ourselves. Maybe God isn't doing that much ... maybe God is doing more in my life than in your life ... I don't what to make someone else feel bad.

So, how does God work? Should He get the glory for what He does or maybe His satisfaction is just in the "doing" and not in receiving praise. What do you think? Explore this with us.

  • Scripture Various
  • Date Sunday, 11 January 2015

On the Church calendar, this Sunday is the Baptism of our Lord. Jesus came to John the baptizer and was baptized. Jesus was the One who was to come after John, whose sandels John said he wasn't worthy of untying. Jesus is the "greater one" that John talked about. So, what about this story is significant for us today? One aspect I would like to consider is that of water. Baptism also includes water. What is it about the water? I'm going to lead you on a journey through scripture as we look into this "water" thing.

  • Scripture John 1:9-14
  • Date Sunday, 14 December 2014

Communion Today

We continue in the Advent Series theme of Christmas Gifts. We've looked at gifts needed but not wanted and gifts rejected. Today, we consider gifts received.

What is it to "receive" a gift? What gift are we offered at Christmas that still has to be received? We established last week that a gift has been given - that fact doesn't change because of our receiving or rejection of the gift. We've talked about rejecting the gift. Now, let's consider "receiving" the gift.

Remember, with every gift you are given at Christmas, you have a choice whether to receive that gift or reject that gift. Your choice. No less true with God's Son, the Messiah sent to us.

  • Scripture John 1:1-13
  • Date Sunday, 07 December 2014
<>We continue in the Advent Series this morning noting how many Christmas gifts are given and how many end up being returned. Stats indicate that 1 in 10 gifts will be returned. Over 50 billion (yes, BILLION) dollars worth are returned to stores (a 2011 stat). That's a lot of rejection. <>We are going to look at "receiving" a gift and "rejecting" a gift. Both of these were practiced when God gave the 'first' Christmas gift. That gift was for all to receive, given with our name on the name tag, but by many, it was rejected -- and still is today. <>Have the reasons for rejecting God's gift changed over the centuries & generations? Why have so many rejected such a gift. It is freely given. It is intended for the receiver exactly knowing what the receiver needs. It is the 'perfect gift' so one would expect all to receive it well. So, what is the issue?

Jesus said to him, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

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