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  • Scripture I Corinthians 2:2
  • Date Sunday, 17 June 2018
This Sunday we wrap up our 4-week series studying Paul's statement to the church in Corinth, drawn from I Corinthians 2:2.
My apologies for being negligent getting each week loaded during the preceeding week. It was not my intention to fall so far behind but the summer has offered challenges unforeseen a time ago.

Anyway, as we finish up studying Paul's statement, we arrive at the crux of the Gospel Message. This Paul knew and hence his desire to focus on the one thing. But, is there more for us here?
We find ourselves in a variety of 'communities'. Paul's message was for the community - here, specifically for the young church in Corinth (among you). Paul was determined (I decided) to share is knowledge of one subject, rather than the many subjects of which he could have shared (to know). The one subject was the Gospel Message. Paul further refines this down to "Jesus Christ and Him crucified."
Back to the various communities in which we find ourselves. When in our various communities, can we decide to know one thing -- Jesus Christ? I know we are tempted to talk and share on many subjects - the news overloads us with biased journalism every day. Can we decide to know one thing? How would society be different if Followers of the Way practiced this?
  • Scripture Isaiah 66:13
  • Date Sunday, 13 May 2018
We will explore "comfort" and to whom God promises comfort.
Why does God compare His comfort to that of a mother?
I have a personal & current illustration as my mother has comforted me as a child, now I offer her comfort from God's assurances in His Word. Strange how this cycle reverses itself, from Mother-child to Child-Mother ... or generically, from Parent-child to Child-parent.
God says, "I will comfort you" -- to whom is He looking, what people is the focus of His favor & comfort? What does this promise mean to us today?
The bigger question for some, "Am I in the 'you' group?"
  • Scripture Acts 27:4-26
  • Date Sunday, 06 May 2018
Let's all go frapping! No, that's not a call to something dirty or unpleasant. It isn't a call to party hardy nor is it a cool, new dance. Frapping is sort of a lost art today. It is still done, but in a very different way. Whenever a bundle of stakes or pipes or rods are delivered, they are bound tight together. The manufacturer prepared the bundles by frapping. When I buy those little scrap wood wedges I use to shim something, installing a window or door jamb, those wedges are frapped.
In our text today, (Acts 27:4-26) Paul is describing a pretty scary journey. Yet, Paul is not concerned because God has assurred him that no lives will be lost. But, naturally, the sailers don't believe Paul, so they do everything to save the ship & save their lives. They even frap the ship in an attempt to preserve it. Not an easy task to be sure. Frapping an entire ship! Impressive. A lost art today. Or is it? Perhaps it is time to revive this art in the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Scripture Acts 27:4-26
  • Date Sunday, 15 April 2018
Paul has a story which one finds quite interesting - movie material - when one studies it carefully. My focus for Sunday is verse 17 of chapter 27. Paul talks about how the sailors were trying to save the ship. They "undergirded" the ship. Frapped the bugger! Did what? They engaged in frapping. Oh no, they didn't! Wait, it's not vulgar. Frapping is the process of ... wait, oh no you don't. You have to wait and attend with the most amazing congregation in order to discover what this whole frapping thing is. See you Sunday, I'll be bound (that's a hint).

Jesus said to him, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

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