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  • Scripture Proverbs 19:16-29
  • Date Sunday, 28 May 2017
We continue in Proverbs 19, finishing the chapter.
This final section deals with learning or perishing -- that is to say, either we put into practice what we learn here and change our lives accordingly, or we crash & burn. It really is life or death. Is this whole thing just religion to you? Time to move to the next level. All these hypocrits who sit in church are learning from God's Word that this whole things really is about life ... forever ... or death ... forever. What do you think it is about?
  • Scripture Proverbs 19
  • Date Sunday, 21 May 2017
We continue the Proverb series studying Proverbs 19 this morning.
There is much wonderful advice contained in Proverbs overall. Written so long ago, so many have said to me, "It's like it was written yesterday!" This is quite true. God's Word is timeless and always applicable to our lives.

"Of Wealth and Children" will offer some really great insights.
But, you need to share the experience, so I hope you will do just that. Come Sunday morning. Enjoy the laughter and the fellowship and the genuine acceptance. You'll find friendliness and a pleasant experience at Pleasant Valley.
  • Scripture Proverbs 17
  • Date Sunday, 23 April 2017
We'll jump back into the Proverbs for a little bit. Today, we study Proverb 17. The Proverb could be sublabeled the "Better ... than" Proverb. I hope to briefly consider the first verses, especially 1-7. Admittedly, there is much to cover, so we will not be able cover it all. But, also consider v.13 and think about what that means. Try turning it around and consider the inverse. Oh, and verse 16 is interesting. Reflect on verse 22 and think about when you've been a "downcast spirit" in somebody's life.

But, I really want to get to verses 27-28. This is the origin of the title. How often do we think about what we are saying ... or how often we do use a reflection of things said to improve our own speech? Do you tend to talk because you don't care for the silence? I know people who do this with God also. When they pray, they ramble on and on -- not certain as to why.

We all need to hear the message of vv.27-28. Sometimes saying nothing speaks volumes, where as speaking yeilds only a disappointment.
Sometimes the most we can say, is nothing at all.
  • Scripture Psalm 106:12-24
  • Date Sunday, 16 April 2017
Easter morning! What a grand time of gathering. Breakfast at 8AM, serving 'til 9AM. I hope you can come to both. The Message will focus, in part, on the purpose for Christ's Church ... but also the purpose of Jesus' resurrection. Why would God bring Jesus up from the grave? Why would Jesus establish the Church ... why was the Pentecost event significant? OK, so we may have to let that last question slide a little for sake of time, but I really hope we can get to the previous two. What is this 'stuff' all about? Is there a connection between Jesus' activity through life, death, resurrection and ascention -- and the establishment of His Church?

Two hints I leave with you: 1) Genesis 3:19 ... 2) Matthew 16:18.
What do these texts have to do with anything? Consider the Title ... and come, commune, worship, and find great joy!
See you Easter morning.

Jesus said to him, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

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