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  • Scripture various
  • Date Sunday, 13 August 2017
Last week, Pastor Rick's return to the pulpit began with "Reflecting on Things: part 1"
This week we continue this theme and look at scriptural examples of the idea that digression leads to reflection.
The idea here is that we each often find ourselves in a repetive rut of daily life. Things continue without us giving much thought to it. Or, sometimes, we want to give thought to it, but struggle because we lack the time. We might even cry out, "Stop the world, I want to get off," if even for a little while, so I can catch my breath. When we suddenly have opportunity thrust upon us, we stop and think about things. That tendancy to 'stop and think' is reflection. The reality of getting kicked out of our daily rut is known as digression. Thus, digression leads to reflection.

Reflection is reprocessing what already has been. The word is used with mirrors because the mirror produces nothing. It merely reproduces what already is. Congitive reflection is no different. We cannot 'reflect' on what has not yet been. We can dream or envision, but not reflect.

Is there value in such activity? Absolutely. But, this can also be abused when we allow the mind to rehash every little event in our daily life. Reflection that follows digression is of value because it should help re-center us. God wants a relationship with us. God often finds the greatest barrior to that relationship is simply the busyness of our daily lives. So, I encourage you to stop and think. Reflect on what God has done. Give God the glory.
  • Scripture Acts 21:12-15 +
  • Date Sunday, 04 June 2017
The Last Sermon ... well, OK, perhaps not. The Last Supper, definitely.
So, this Sunday is the final time I will be in the pulpit for a little while - so there will be many different 'Proclaimers' in the pulpit during June & July.

But, this Sunday we will share Communion together. And, we will explore Digression in the sense of wandering from the main path of a journey. Paul did that. I'll do that in a lesser sense.

Whether we are staying on the path or digressing, one needs to profess, "the Lord's will be done." That's not so easy is it? I can claim the Lord's will when things are going well ... but can I so easily claim the same when stuff isn't going my way and become difficult?

I pray you will join us at the Lord's Table and in my 'last message' (which isn't but is). God is good!
  • Scripture Proverbs 19:16-29
  • Date Sunday, 28 May 2017
We continue in Proverbs 19, finishing the chapter.
This final section deals with learning or perishing -- that is to say, either we put into practice what we learn here and change our lives accordingly, or we crash & burn. It really is life or death. Is this whole thing just religion to you? Time to move to the next level. All these hypocrits who sit in church are learning from God's Word that this whole things really is about life ... forever ... or death ... forever. What do you think it is about?
  • Scripture Proverbs 19
  • Date Sunday, 21 May 2017
We continue the Proverb series studying Proverbs 19 this morning.
There is much wonderful advice contained in Proverbs overall. Written so long ago, so many have said to me, "It's like it was written yesterday!" This is quite true. God's Word is timeless and always applicable to our lives.

"Of Wealth and Children" will offer some really great insights.
But, you need to share the experience, so I hope you will do just that. Come Sunday morning. Enjoy the laughter and the fellowship and the genuine acceptance. You'll find friendliness and a pleasant experience at Pleasant Valley.

Jesus said to him, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

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