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  • Scripture Proverbs 3
  • Date Sunday, 12 February 2017
This week we cover most of chapter 3 ... not sure how far we'll get into three, so I encourage you to read all of three to capture all the treasure contained within.

The writer begins as usual, self-focused as he instructs his child to remember and follow his commands & instructions. When the writer shifts to be God-focused, we hear such things as "trust in the Lord" and "honor the Lord" ... encouraging his child to keep God as the most important thing in his life. And, the author once again uses common phraseology: in v.13 "Happy are those who find wisdom, and those who get understanding"

Oh yeah, and I'll introduce you to a new, big word! That'll be exciting. The word is, metonymy. Your life will be enriched and expanded! See you Sunday.
  • Scripture Proverbs 2
  • Date Sunday, 05 February 2017
We move to Proverbs 2 for this particular Sunday morning. Proverbs 1 was an introduction and now Solomon sort of continues the introduction but also offers a somewhat generalized bit of wisdom. Wisdom comes in the Fear of God ... Wisdom comes from God. But, in chapter 2, we see wisdom and fear of God and knowledge of God all are personified into what we might consider today as "bouncers." Stuggling with something in your life? Maybe a sin. Maybe a vice. Maybe a friend. To keep your life balanced and God-centered, you and I need to have a strategic plan. We cannot let evil sneak into our lifes. We need a 'guard' system to shield against the evils of the world & Satan. What is that guard? What is that strategy?

Bouncers. Bouncers are employed to rid an establishment of troublemakers. Bouncers don't engage in conversation. They don't sit around and discuss what led up to the trouble nor do they take time to assess the situation. When told to eject someone, they jump to action and "usher" the troublemaker to the door, nay, beyond to the parking lot. Bouncers are big, effective, and strong.

Wisdom is to serve in our lives like a bouncer. When troublemakers try to get in our life and cause trouble, we need to us wisdom as the bouncer to quickly, effectively eject the evil. Need to say "No" to Satan? You need a bouncer. Want to do the right things? You need a bouncer. You need Wisdom.
  • Scripture Proverbs 1
  • Date Sunday, 29 January 2017
Series on Proverbs … for the purpose of:

1) holding on to the Word of Life.
2) because God wants us to live … He created life, life is precious … therefore, we must not treat life as trivial.
We should treat life like it matters – more importantly, pursuing what matters to Christ Jesus.

So, we begin the series on Proverbs on January 29. We'll explore Proverbs and hopefully have some fun with it as well as learn some "wisdom."
  • Scripture Philippians 2:14-24
  • Date Sunday, 08 January 2017
Are we ever guilty of becoming so focused on the Christian ending to life that we neglect our Christian presence?

It is a point that I wrested with as I was finishing up the Advent series, which focused on seeing Advent as a preparation for the Second Coming rather than the First Coming. Such a challenge causes us to be concerned with being ready for Jesus' return because we do not want to be caught unprepared, like the 5 bridesmaids who had not brought enough oil. But, is it possible that we become so focused on the end that we might forget how to live today? I'm asking the question as I truly wonder -- not necessarily having the answer.

Therefore, I want to draw peoples' attention to the present as a connection to the future, not separate from it. We need to be aware of our present life as it will have a bearing on the future, eternal life. How do you and I live today that would be a part of this preparation? What does scripture offer us through guidance to this end? I hope to explore some of this on the 8th of January and perhaps come back to it again on the 22nd and beyond. We'll see how God leads.

Hope you can participate ... come on out and try the "Valley" ... it really is quite 'pleasant'.

Jesus said to him, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

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Pleasant Valley Church, Holland, IA

Pleasant Valley Church

You may enjoy it here more than you expect.

Christ first, the Bible as God's inerrant Word & work, our future is both temporal & eternal. Hell on earth? Wait 'til you get to the "eternal" part!